We consider all the drivers of sales from the ground up and  we’ll motivate you to make the change


OKR Business Marketing Services

We are ready to help your firm in funding raising, marketing strategy, management consulting and conducting your sales. Please let us know your website or brief information, we will present you with a great strategic plan for free in a week or two. As the plan will be done by a team which is from different countries and has 100+ years combined business experience, I believe you will get some suggestions for your reference from different angles and we believe there must be some new ideas for you.

Ideal Partners: Your company has ingenuity in technology or product creation, pays attention to product quality, and understands the importance of creating value for customers. If this sounds like you, let us develop a great global marketing plan and make it happen for you.

Our Advantages: We are well versed in product positioning theory, commercial warfare theory, the OKR management system, and customer requirements, as well as cultural, market, legal, and management styles. We have a wealth of experience building and managing teams. We recruit veterans with rich industry experience and build passionate teams through management methods such as authorization, supervision, and incentives.

Contact us: Snowballing is not the best way for high-tech products to arrive on the global market. Let us discuss how we can maximize your benefits and maintain your competitive advantages by developing a global marketing strategy for you.

Our Services:

All our services start with a no-obligation, free of charge business plan. Please contact us to speak with an experienced executive who will go over your organization’s needs, answer questions, and offer preliminary advice.

We also invest early stage technical start up companies!

Marketing solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We proposed strategies tailor-made to your company, whether that is building worldwide sales channels, building a sales team, or selling your products directly, we can do it all.

As a company grows, so do its needs. When your company needs to make operational changes, our consulting services will support clients to make better decisions, save money, and be more efficient.

Again please contact us and get our free brief business plan for your company.

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    We Help Your Business Surge Ahead

    Please speak with an experienced executive who will go over your organization’s needs, answer questions, and offer preliminary advice. The consultation will be tailored to the specific marketing needs of your business, and we will provide you with actionable next steps to move your company forward. We think big and act fast, and our macro global sales strategy ensures your company’s growth around the world. Our commission-based revenue model ensures we have the growth of the company as priority #1. If you don’t profit, we don’t profit. This ensures that we are always bringing our best to the table, and it minimizes risk to you and your start-up. We are not working for your company, we are working for our company.

    Our Global Growth Strategy Encompasses

    • Building marketing strategy
    • Global sales channel and management
    • OEM opportunitie
    • Quarterly and Monthly Objectives
    • Untapped markets

    Business Consulting


    Think Outside the Box


    Go For It!


    Being a marketing and management consulting and action company, we offer a variety of services for start up companies from Fund raising, Marketing Strategy, Distribution System Building, Conduct Sales and OKR Management Style Setup. We also invest in some early stage technical start up companies. All our work must be results oriented because our plan is based on “If you don’t profit, we don’t profit” .

    • 100+ years combined of business experience team

    • Global vision in marketing strategy

    • Approach marketing from macro and micro lens

    • Experience in wide range of industries and start-ups

    • Think out of the box and result driven