Helping technology companies expand their global market reach

Global marketing is not easy for high-tech startup companies. Our professional team has successful entrepreneurs, marketing veterans, young professionals in computer science, software, electrical, electronic, medical and mechanical industries. We offer more than 100+ years combined of successful experience in helping companies formulate marketing strategies and establish and manage marketing teams in North America, Europe and Asia. Give us a week or two, and we will present you with a great strategic marketing plan for free.

Ideal Partners:

Your company has ingenuity in technology or product creation, pays attention to product quality, and understands the importance of creating value for customers. If this sounds like you, let us develop a great plan for you.

Our Advantages:

We are well versed in product positioning theory, commercial warfare theory, the OKR management system, and customer requirements, as well as cultural, market, legal, and management styles. We have a wealth of experience building and managing teams, and we believe in the strategic idea that performance = talent x effort. We recruit veterans with rich industry experience and build passionate teams through management methods such as authorization, supervision, and incentives.

Cooperation Method:

We usually start with a three-month trial period, during which no fixed fee is charged. Your company only pays the basic consulting fees for the people who are hired to the team according to their actual work tasks. During this period, the main tasks are to complete your product information, conduct market sales exploration, confirm market strategies, and establish initial sales channels. When the above conditions are complete, marketing and sales will be carried out immediately.

If the above stage goes well, the two parties can negotiate a long-term cooperation or extend the plan for another three months, depending on your needs.

During the three-month trial cooperation period, the cooperation can be terminated at any time if the two parties feel that it is not working out. The materials and customer resources collected during the trial period belong to your company.

Successful Cases:

We have been helping a few companies in industrial software, new material, health care and electronic industries. They are very pleased of our service and the job we have done for them. Some companies sent us reference letters and you can contact them to check how we have done for them. Please contact us for these reference letters.

A Canadian industrial software company encountered sales difficulties. Three weeks after we stepped in, we adjusted their sales strategy from a retail approach, in which they were competing with giants, to an OEM cooperation approach that complements the technology of large companies. We started using large company sales channels as well. We developed sales agents in Israel, India, and Italy within one month. Then, two sales veterans who have worked in the largest companies in the industry for more than 20 years were invited to join the team to help develop OEM cooperation opportunities with industry giants. Almost all potential large customers in the world were quickly contacted, and the biggest potential opportunities in the market were fully explored. Now, the company has entered a very ideal harvest period.

We are currently helping a Chinese company expand into the North American market. First, we hired a senior marketing manager who had 20 years of experience in their competitor’s headquarters. Several new graduates with marketing and sales degrees are ready to join the team as planned. Although the speed of work has been affected by the pandemic, all work is in active progress.

Contact us:

The development of new technologies is happening faster and faster. High-tech products have entered the countdown only to be replaced by newer products from their first day on the market. Snowballing is not the best way for high-tech products to arrive on the global market. Let us discuss how we can maximize your benefits and maintain your competitive advantages by developing a global marketing strategy for you. It will not cost you anything until you agree to the marketing plan that we make for you. If your products are not ready yet, we can still share ideas for entering the international market in the future.