The potential value of a company depends on how much value it can provide to customers. Most start-up companies start with the development of a technology, product, or service. The startup team usually constitutes of technical teams. The lack of marketing is often the main reason a company fails. The best strategy for a startup is creating a marketing strategy before your company launches. Then, you’ll be able to find out early on during the market research phase whether your venture is worth pursuing. If you have started your venture already, get marketers involved ASAP in order to maximize your sales and start earning revenue.  

This is a true story: a customer once told me excitedly that they are currently working in the North American market, one year later will start in Asian market, and two years later will start expanding in Europe. We advised the company, which provides a very marketable product with a wide customer base, to tackle North America during the daytime, Asia market in this evening, and the European market in the early morning, why wait? Within a month we signed distribution agreements with an Israeli re-seller followed by deals in France.
Except your products like Boeing, most manufacturers sell their products through channel partners. The products should be sold to customers through manufacturers, distributors, sub-contractors etc. How to use sales channels is the basic marketing strategy that manufacturers and service providers should consider. Here at OKR Business Service Inc. we truly believe, as long as your products can bring good value to end users in any part of the world , there will be a way to sell to them.