Your goal is to grow your business, however, which means sooner or later you’re going to need some help. Despite becoming the master of multi-tasking, you will reach a point where you simply can’t do it all.

When you get there, marketing may prove one of the smartest tasks to outsource. Hiring a good marketing consultant at the right time can work wonders for your business. How do you know when to outsource your marketing? Look for these four red flags.

1, You’re not sure if current efforts are working

Your marketing strategy isn’t an effective one unless you know whether and why it works. You can’t build on your successes if you don’t recognize them. It’s equally true that you can’t fix your mistakes without first acknowledging them. If you’re not drawing in new customers, you need to know why. If you are, it’s important to understand where they’re coming from so you can find even more.

A consultant can help you know which marketing statistics to track and how to understand what they’re telling you.

2, You’re budget is tight

Hiring a marketing consultant when money is tight seems counterintuitive, but it can ultimately save you some cash. Hiring employees is far more costly and can easily run into six figures. Employees will likely want full-time, permanent work and not take kindly to layoffs when a marketing project wraps.

A consultant, however, will charge you only for the work they perform and doesn’t expect a full-time salary. He or she expects their work with you to be somewhat patchy and will happily jump in and out of the fray as needed.

Consultants are also far less costly than large advertising firms. True, many of these firms have excellent reputations and are incredibly good at what they do. Their services don’t come cheap, though, and only very large firms can afford to hire them. A few phone calls to some local ad firms will quickly prove this point.

3, You’re too focused on tasks than ideas

The marketing process is a dynamic one that ought to change with some frequency. While there is certainly no harm in continuing to do what works, it’s important to stay nimble and ready to pounce on new opportunities. Perhaps an upcoming trade show could provide an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to a new market.

Unfortunately, you can’t take advantage of tomorrow’s marketing opportunity if you’re still buried under yesterday’s tasks. The marketing jobs you perform should serve to execute your overall marketing strategy, not ultimately become it.

4, You’re not getting the results you want

If any of the above statements hold true, or if you’re simply not getting what you want out of your advertising efforts, it’s time to outsource marketing. You’ll get help knowing what aspects of your plan are working and which parts need a tweak. Best of all, working with a consultant is an excellent way to retain control over your marketing efforts.

Although you may enlist the services of others along the way, your consultant will serve as your point person, making sure your wants and needs never get lost in the process. If you’re feeling like marketing has become an uphill battle, call us today and let us take some of the work off your plate so you and your marketing team can breathe a little easier.

Please contact us and discuss how can you expend your marketing all over the world right away.